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As banks cut back on lending, loan sharks will take their place.

The ongoing COST of LIVING and BUSINESS CRISIS, which arose from the Economic Crisis that Turkey is suffering impacts the finances of many households and companies across Türkiye.

The violence of the impact increases day by day.

At a time when people are looking for cash support to meet their debts or needs, LOAN SHARKS may be looking for their victims, ATTENTION!

In addition to being a credit-addicted country, our people have also become credit-addicted.

Many economists explain the reason for this almost every evening...

The point we have reached is SAVING, that is, BELT TIGHTENING!

Factors such as politicians' reckless and unplanned administrations, introducing faulty programs, the formation of a gaudy public society, making investments at costs well above the budget, corruption, irregularities, and allowing the import of unnecessary luxury products naturally increase inflation.

Bitter prescriptions are written and bitter medicines are given to the public as if they were the people who spend too much money.

Neither small nor medium-sized companies can survive on their own terms anymore...

The fat of the people has already been absorbed, and the fat of those engaged in trade has been burned and dried.

People moan about cash.

Let the money taps be opened, at least let the markets revive...

Inflation cannot be reduced anyway.

Let the markets revive, and at least small tradesmen and businesses can make money.

Nowadays it is very easy to calculate the cost of everything.

It is necessary to maintain balance.

The government should write the bitter prescription to the owners of money whose source is unknown, those who receive tenders at high prices, and the privileged groups whose taxes are canceled by special laws and decrees, and make them drink the bitter medicine.


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